So where do I fall in that expansive, larger-than-we-can-possibly-know gender spectrum?

I'm a transsexual man who was assigned female at birth, but I'm not FTM or a boi. I'm personally not into labels that focus on my assigned sex or put me in any sort of category that's "outside of gender norms". And no, I never felt "trapped in the wrong body", and I don't consider being trans a birth defect.

What kind of a man am I?

I consider myself a "comfortably masculine", intersectional feminist. I'm sensitive. I don't think having compassion, a basic level of human decency and respect makes me weak, or flawed. I think it's kind of fucked up that these aren't traits typically associated with men.

Do I regret any part of my transition at all (so far)?


Am I in any position to determine if anyone else is trans?


Am I in any position to tell anyone if and how to medically transition?


Is there a way for people to contact me?

Yes! You can email me!