"IRC" means Internet Relay Chat. You download a piece of software, connect to a server, and ta-da, you can come talk to us in real-time. Wheee!

If you're using windows, you have several options. You can try mIRC (download at or you can use the windows client for xchat (the superlative IRC client by far) by downloading from the software repository

If you're blessed with a Mac with OS X, your best options are X-Chat Aqua or Colloquy.

If you've got a Mac without MacOS X, go to (which sucks, but there's not much available).

Once you have an IRC Client (mIRC, IRCle, xchat,) installed, tell it to connect to server, and join channel #nbtsc ("/join #nbtsc"). If you get confused with the connection set up, just get into the main window and type "/server" and hit return.

If you just can't get that to work, or a parent won't let you download any programs, you can try web-IRC. It kinda sucks, but it'll get you connected.