Welcome to the Not Back To School Camp Community web site!

A vibrant community has grown out of NBTSC. We're a passionate, feisty, caring, indignant, compassionate group of people, with more variety of opinions than anybody can quite handle all the time. This page is in no way sponsored by Grace Llewellyn or NBTSC, it's owned, run, and created by campers, ex-campers, and other awesome, inspired, inspiring people who the cat dragged in.

Things to check out:

Wiki is one of the more active sections of our web site. All of the pages are text, and anyone is free to edit any of the pages. It's a great medium for discussions, random posts about interesting things, short stories, or just telling each other what's up. Be creative, the main limiting factor is your imagination.

IRC is where we talk in real-time, on-line. You'll need to download an IRC program, but there are several options, they're free, they're easy, and if you click the beginning of this paragraph, you'll get some instructions.

The e-mail Listservs are another way we keep in touch as a group, there's an nbtsc list-serve, a parent's list-serve, and one for brainstorming ideas for the web site.

There's space available, for free, for anyone in our community who wants web hosting for a personal web site or journalon the community.nbtsc.org server. Here's a directory of some of the existing sites. To get your own, contact the web masters.

On that note, there's space for how-tos to share, including one on HTML Basics.

*Coming Soon-ish* [A few months probably]The on-line Directoryis available only if you have a login. We try to keep it up to date with contact info and bios from everyone in the community. We don't always succeed in keeping it that current though, so no guarantees.

*Also Coming Soon-ish*A Photo Directory, of NBTSC and related photos.

We've archived some old stuff from past versions of our web page, mostly embarrassing stuff the now older kids were saying when they were sleep-deprived 14 year olds. (That's why we're hiding it in a back corner!)

Links! Lots of links, mostly relating to NBTSC and our growing community, or homeschooling and unschooling more generally. Also, just for fun, we have a bunch of web comics listed down at the bottom.

Quo Vadis is a gathering started by NBTSC alumni who want an on-going gathering for the older campers; a place for us to get together, and hopefully bring some new blood into our community as well.

If you have an idea of something else you'd like to help make happen on this community site, let the Web Masters know, by e-mail, or come and talk to us on IRC.